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Results, Not Excuses

JJO Construction is a leading general contracting company headquartered just outside of Cleveland Ohio. We have provided services across the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana since 1993. For nearly 16 years JJO has specialized in new construction and remodeling of Pharmacies, Restaurants, Hotels,  Banks, Medical Centers,  Auto Dealerships, Collision Repair Centers,  Shopping Plazas, and Office Spaces.

Our client list features nationally recognized businesses, including Rite Aid Pharmacy, Advance Auto Parts, Bob Evans Restaurants, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Aldi Foods, Panera Bread, Save-A-Lot Groceries, Donatos Pizza, Sherwin Williams Paint, Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and FirstMerit Bank. We have also served as a general contractor for smaller businesses as well. If you want a general contractor you can trust to deliver a high quality project on your schedule and budget, contact us at (440)255-1515 and we will be glad assist you.

We encourage subcontractors and suppliers to look through our website. Please fill out our New User Registration Form to be included on our bidders list. Once you are registered, you can login to learn about our projects open for bid, download plans, specifications, and bid forms.

Joseph J. Orel, President, JJO Contruction

Joseph J. Orel, President

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