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Our History

Founded in 1993 by Joe Orel, JJO Construction has been in the commercial construction industry for over 30 years. Building projects across the country such as shopping plazas, office spaces, and medical centers, we’ve set ourselves apart from our competition with unmatched delivery, and simply doing what we say we’re going to, when we say we’re going to do it. Because of this, our clients have continued to build with us over the decades time, and time again.

Throughout his extensive career in commercial construction, our founder Joe Orel realized that much of the industry is built on broken promises, and excuses. He decided to create a company that did the exact opposite, and in 1993 that is exactly what he did. Throughout our company’s history, we’ve stood this mission and showcase it through all of our core values:

We believe in doing the right thing, always. Our commitment to honesty and moral principles guides every decision and interaction, ensuring trust and respect among clients, partners, and team members




Respect for Relationships: We value the long-standing relationships we've built over the years and are committed to fostering new ones with the same level of respect, understanding, and mutual benefit. Our interactions with clients, employees, and partners reflect our belief in mutual respect and appreciation.


Continuous Improvement: In a world of constant change, we embrace innovation and seek continuous improvement in our processes, techniques, and solutions. We believe in lifelong learning and adapting to new challenges to stay ahead in our field.


Our Future

While we are unbelievably proud of our 30 years of success, JJO Construction always looks to the future. We ask ourselves “What can we do with the next 30 years?”

Our vision is to be the leading sustainable construction partner for retail and restaurant brands, transforming spaces into dynamic, eco-friendly environments that enhance customer experiences and foster community engagement."

Foster strong relationships with local communities, clients, suppliers, and partners through transparent communication, ethical business practices, and community involvement initiatives.

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