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Exceptional Subcontractors

JJO Construction, established in 1993 by its founder Joe Orel, embodies a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our unwavering dedication revolves around the core principle of consistently delivering top-notch results. We firmly believe in fostering enduring, positive relationships with our esteemed clients, propelling the ongoing triumph of our company and the partners that we proudly build with.



Why Choose to Partner with Us?


Robust Project Portfolio

Join us in working on diverse and challenging projects that span a wide range of industries. From commercial developments to intricate commercial renovation projects, our portfolio offers exciting opportunities for subcontractors to showcase their skills and contribute to exceptional construction endeavors.


Reliable and Timely Payments

We understand the importance of financial stability for our subcontractors. We pride ourselves on maintaining a transparent and efficient payment process, ensuring that subcontractors receive their rightful compensation in a timely manner.


Collaborative Partnership

At JJO Construction, we believe in fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our subcontractors. We value open communication, respect for each other's expertise, and a collaborative approach to project execution. We view subcontractors as vital partners in our shared mission of delivering outstanding results.


Safety and Compliance

At JJO Construction, safety is our top priority. We maintain OSHA level safety standards on all our projects and require all of our subcontractors to adhere to all our standards. Compliance with applicable regulations and industry best practices is essential to us.

Join Our Network

If you are a skilled subcontractor with a proven track record of delivering high-quality workmanship, we invite you to join our network. Together, we can create remarkable results that exceed client expectations. To become part of our subcontractor network, please fill out the form below:

Once we receive your information, our team will review it thoroughly. We will contact you if there is a potential fit for upcoming projects. Please note that submission does not guarantee immediate partnership or project allocation.

Thank you for considering a partnership with JJO Construction. Together, we can achieve outstanding results for our clients and communities.

Subcontractors FAQ'S

  • What states do you work in?
    We extend our expertise across a multitude of states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.
  • What types of projects do you do?
    We complete various projects in the commercial sector, including commercial ground-up, commercial retro-fit, commercial remodel, retail, big box retail, restaurants, banks, gas stations, office spaces, pharmacies, entertainment facilities, auto repair centers, and car washes.
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